A great opportunity to raise money for your cause

Transform cases into cash with the Coca-Cola Bottles for Benefits Program. We make fundraising quick, easy and profitable by giving you the power to sell everyone's favorite Coca-Cola® products. And when we say profitable, we're not kidding. Your fundraising team can earn immediate profits of up to $6 per case! Get friends and family to join the cause, and your team can pocket some serious cash.

Raise money for ANY cause!

Whether you're raising money for a school, local shelter or sports team, you can transform cases of Coca-Cola® products into cash with the Bottles for Benefits Program. We make fundraising quick and easy!

Let's do some math, shall we?

Just imagine the following scenario: You have 100 participants in your organization who sell 10 cases each. That's 1,000 cases at a profit of $6 a case – or $6,000 in earnings. Double that to 20 cases and you've just netted $12,000 for your club, team or organization!

Here's an example of how a group raised thousands of dollars.

The Delta Debutante Program: When students in the Delta Debutante Program needed a way to help pay for program fees, they turned to Bottles for Benefits. Not only did the girls sell more than 700 cases of beverages, they earned $3,700 in profit – which went a long way toward reducing the cost of making their debut. "The Coca-Cola Bottles for Benefits fundraiser has been an excellent opportunity for students in our program."

Evette Peters, Program Director
Stone Mountain Delta Debutante Program

10 Steps to Fundraising

  • 1. Start by registering and creating a profile. Now you can create a new fundraiser or join existing fundraisers in your area.
  • 2. While creating your fundraiser, have an idea of your profit goal and how long you'd like your fundraiser to last. Keep in mind, you’ll have over 45 brands and flavors to sell!
  • 3. Select the pricing tier for you. Selecting an appropriate pricing tier for your fundraiser is very important to your success. Learn more about the pricing tiers by clicking here.
  • 4. Be ready to sell at any moment! Have plenty of order forms and pricing lists on hand before heading out to the field to sell. These are available to download in your Sales Tools.
  • 5. Build your sales team with the mass email tool and be sure to keep them motivated. Your team can see the fundraiser's progress and each individual's sales to date. Perhaps have a prize to motivate your top seller(s)? Get creative!
  • 6. If adding multiple orders on the site, be very specific with the name. Orders won’t be grouped by name when they come off the truck, so you’ll need to know which cases belong to which participant.
  • 7. Get every last order in. Make sure your sales team has entered all their orders before closing the fundraiser. You can extend the date of your fundraiser at any time to accommodate any last minute orders.
  • 8. Collect funds prior to the pickup day. It’s important to note the driver must be paid in full the day of delivery. Pay the driver with cash, money order or school/organization check.
  • 9. Be organized on pickup day. Bring your downloadable order report and assign a designated area for the products to be sorted.
  • 10. We’re here to help! Visit the FAQ or contact us at any time if you need assistance at 800-438-COKE.