A great opportunity to raise money for your organization or charity event.

We make fundraising quick, easy and profitable by giving you the power to sell everyone's favorite Coca-Cola products. Whether you need money for sports equipment or classroom supplies, you can transform cases into cash with the Coca-Cola Bottles for Benefits Program.

You can earn immediate profits of up to $6 per case! Get friends and family to join the cause, and you can earn some serious cash.

So, how do
you get started?

With our easy-to-use site, it's as simple as 123:

Click here to join an existing fundraiser or start a new one.

Pre-sell products by distributing order forms & fulfilling their orders online, or keep the entire thing paper free online using the Recruit Participants tool.

Orders go directly from our website to your Coca-Cola contact. Choose a delivery date and be ready with your payment.

You will be contacted by a Coca-Cola Representative in 2-5 days to set up your account and finalize your order and delivery.

Coca-Cola has a great lineup of brands and flavors specially designed to help your organization reach its profit and fundraising goals. Register to see the prices of each product:

You can earn some serious cash!

How serious, you ask?

Just imagine the following scenario:

You have 100 participants in your organization who sell 10 cases each. That's 1,000 cases at a profit of $6 a case – or $6,000 in earnings. Double that to 20 cases and you've just netted $12,000!

Still have questions? Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Here's an example of how a group like yours has raised thousands of dollars.

"Over the past two years, many of the girls have been able to reduce their fees significantly thanks to Bottles for Benefits."

The Delta Debutante Program

When students in the Delta Debutante Program needed a way to help pay for program fees, they turned to Bottles for Benefits. Not only did the girls sell more than 700 cases of beverages, they earned $3,700 in profit – which went a long way toward reducing the cost of making their debut. "The Coca-Cola Bottles for Benefits fundraiser has been an excellent opportunity for students in our program."

Evette Peters, Program Director

Stone Mountain Delta Debutante Program

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