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What is the sip & scan™ icon?

The sip & scan™ icon is an exciting way to access experiences, rewarding perks, sweepstakes, and more. When you see an icon, grab your phone and head to coke.ca/unlockandwin.

Where can I find the sip & scan™ icon?

The sip & scan™ icon is found in many different places. Look for it on the beverage label of participating Coca-Cola® products, on in-store signage, promotional locations, or on promotional cups. Keep an eye out – you never know where you’ll find the special icon.

How do I scan the sip & scan™ icon?

You can scan the sip & scan™ icon by visiting Coke.ca/unlockandwin on your phone's web browser.

To scan using your phone's web browser:

  1. Open up coke.ca/unlockandwin in your phone browser.
  2. Tap the SCAN NOW button
  3. Focus and center your camera on the special icon. Snap a clear and focused picture of the sip & scan® icon. Your phone will read the icon and lead you to rewarding perks.

Having trouble scanning the sip & scan™ icon?

Looking for troubleshooting tips? Here are some common problems and how to fix them.

  • If the photograph is out of focus or blurry, try focusing your phone’s camera and holding it as still as possible.
  • If there is glare from lighting, try taking the photograph on a slight angle, or block the glare with your hand.
  • For optimal clarity, avoid overhead lighting and dark environments.
  • Capture the entire circular part of the sip & scan™ icon.
What not to scan:

Do I need to create a Coca-Cola Company account to use sip & scan™?

You don’t need an account to scan the sip & scan™ icon. However, you do need an account to participate in this contest.

Why do you need access to my camera?

In order to scan the sip & scan icon, you will be asked for permission to briefly access your camera. The image you captured acts as the scan that’s required to unlock experiences and rewards.

sip & scan will not have access to any other part of your phone.

I got a notification asking for my location - why should I enable location services on my phone?

Turning on your phone’s location service allows you to explore unique experiences and chances to win near you. Wherever you are, Coca-Cola® has exciting experiences waiting for you—all you have to do is turn on location services.

If you have not yet enabled location services on your phone, you will receive a message: “http://coke.ca would like to use your current location."

When prompted, select "OK," then explore all the exciting sip & scan experiences near you!

What is the difference between scanning the sip & scan™ icon and scanning a PIN code?

The sip & scan™ icon looks different than the PIN codes you’re used to seeing on caps and packaging. Scanning sip & scan™ icons leads you to exciting experiences, and scanning PIN codes earns you refreshing rewards. Each time you scan the special icon, you’ll unlock a unique and rewarding experience. Make sure to scan frequently, as offers, perks, and rewards are always changing.

What brands participate in sip & scan™?

  • 500 mL Coca-Cola®
  • 500 mL Coke® Zero Sugar
  • 500 mL Diet Coke®
  • 500 mL Coca-Cola® Orange Sorbet
  • 500 mL Coca-Cola® Cherry Sorbet
  • Specially marked Coca-Cola® Fountain Cups
  • Specially marked Coca-Cola® Prize Cards